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You had no colleagues. Your mommy was too occupied taking care of her fresh man Ted. She visited you once a month, but you didn’t care that much. You were glad that she experienced happiness, after all those years spent with your dad, who was never the one for her. Your dad contacted with you three times a year, but you were okay with that. You looked exactly like your mother and she has made his life miserable when she told him she never loved him. You were convinced that was the reason why you’ve stopped dreaming about true love.

You gave up believing girls, you had troubles forming any relationship, you’ve commenced conducting like an old angry guy. Being only 25 years old, you had all life waiting for you. But you have been feeling completely nothing in your heart. You went through a park, sat to eat a hamburger and rest by the statue. You considered your shitty live, work you were about to lose, colleagues you never felt you had and the reasons why life has moved in the incorrect way. at short notice the world has changed.

Plants have become greener, sky bluer, sun has been shining brighter than ever. You thought that it could be the first time you’ve started noticing sun at all since you were a little boy. Then the chick appeared – beautiful, long-legged, withblack hair and grey eyes. the lady saw you and began discussing. the lady told you few the most easy words in English language – ‘Hi, do you know what time it is?’. You had a watch but you didn’t feel the need to share this her.

It wasn’t that you acted impolite, you’ve just needed this moment to last forever. You needed to look into those wonderful eyes and hear this gentle voice for hours. Your life finally got every little thing it needed. You realized that your job it’s not so dull, that you only worked not hard enough. You appreciated your folks and truly wanted them to be happy – you were just too stubborn to see this.

You had dudes, but you became too stubborn to contact with them, as they’ve said that you need to bounce back and make your life better. You didn’t know what it was, but with this lady life seemed more amazing and easier. You were positive you needed to ask if the chick agreed to go out with you. She agreed and since then you were sure, that living with her, you were about to be lucky your whole life.

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