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She was examining you with her glamourous, blue eyes and her melodic voice she was constantly whispering this only sentence “Meet me at the corner.” You were going after this chick, but when you got to the corner of the street, she wasn’t there. At this moment of your vision, you incessantly got up. You were still having this weird sense that this girl was far more true than every person you have ever dreamt about.

That’s why always when you got up you truly felt down about the fact that it was just a dream. You missed that lady, even though she wasn’t realistic, you even thought you were starting to love her, but you were starting to love the thought of meeting her in a real life. ‘I’m going mad you were telling yourself. anyhow you couldn’t agree on the fact you’ll never meet her. But you had to carry on with your routine life. You were employed in the external enterpriseand you had a plan to finish.

One day your chief has sent you to New York to deal with some company’s concerns. As you were totally jaded, you stopped for a cup of coffee, as you had a whole night of working waiting for you. You walked into the coziest and the most adorable coffee shop you’ve ever been to. It had an extremely welcoming staff. Each one of them served you with a big smile on his face. ‘It’s your fortunate day’ said a fellow drinking coffee beside you. You couldn’t help feeling that it really was. But you felt like you should find out why.

He whispered that everyone at the Corner coffee found something he truly wanted. ‘Corner coffee?’ you asked surprised. ‘Yes, that’s the name of this spot’ said the gentleman. You knew that it was a convergence that this theme constantly came out in your dreams. Suddenly you saw her – this amazing chick you constantly dreamt about in the night. She looked in on you, she smiled and said ‘Hi, I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen you before.’ For the first time in your living you felt strong enough to get what you’ve incessantly dreamt about. You told a story about your dreams and she said that she believed in destiny.

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