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You did think your jaw dropped to the floor at the point and your eye balls jumped out… however you simply carried on with pictures… some time later vixen turned round, holding her body lines with her smooth hands at the beginning... some minutes after that the chick got away her fingers and you saw the most impressive lines you’ve ever admired in your entire life... when female continued to pose for your photographs, the biride seemed to be a true angel, definitely the most wonderful chick you have ever seen.

It started to get hotter and hotter, not only in that place but also in your mind. At this point you simply could not your feelings anymore. You put down your camera, and went came closer to the lady and simply hugged her. You gave her a deep look in woman’s undoubtedly green eyes and simply kissed her passionately.

The female gave you a hug back and that seemed to be rather the point of no escape... you decided to go to your private beach, lay down on the blankets and at this point somethin else began to be unimportant… There appeared to be just you and her giving kisses and exchanging hugs and touching. It was undoubtedly the most incredible time in your life, however some seconds later you found yourself lying on your sofa.

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