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It was a pluvial fall day in Lambeth and you were going with your son through the park. You got a day off so you decided to hang out with Billy. You knew it would made him glad, because you barely had time for him. You haven't visited that park since your wife died. She died after two years of living together, and left you with your little child. You swore her you would care for him, but you weren't expecting that leukemia would divest you of her so soon.

You were positive that you were a good dad, that your boy loved you, but you both couldn't be happy, because you weren't joyful. You promised to always love Jane, but it has been so long since she left you and you needed love, tender kisses, understanding as you felt bleak a person to share a romantic dinner with. You also were positive that the kid longed-for a person to take care of him like only lady did.

The boy could always rely on you, but the boy also longed-for mother’s love. You were going with your boy with your mind suffused with bleak thoughts and out of the blue you saw a female few blocks away. the girl was stunning: long-legged, with red hair, grey eyes, perfect skin, classy. the chick noticed you looking at her and she began moving where you were standing. You got little scared and started behaving like nothing happened.

She smiled at you and whispered 'You raised a beautiful baby boy'. You believed you truly had. 'Thanks' you said. You both started discussing and the more seconds you talked with each other, the happier you looked. The girl invited you and your son for a hot-dog. The sun began to shine, so it was an ideal idea. The kid was a bit embarrassed for a little while, but you noticed in his eyes, that he truly liked this female. You also did.

You haven't feel that joyful and keyed up for a long time. That has been the first time you met Lily. You knew that you getting to know this lady was the best thing that could happen. The chick was making you joyful. You were meeting few times a week in few spots, but this was always awesome. The chick helped you change and see that your life could be truly amazing again. You were reading this story and you can’t believe there is a lady out there to help you give up being bleak?

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