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Our hot and beautiful Mayfair Escorts are always ready for your wishes. Together with Escorts Mayfair you can find what you have been looking for since a long time - an unforgettable adventure when you feel like it. See now our hot Escorts in Mayfair and book your service! It has been five months since they took you to the Emergency Room. You were lying here in lethargy, trying to fight it. You participated a horrible incident, your auto slid, smashed and fell from the bridge. They took you to the hospital as quickly as possible. But your head was so bruised, that it was very hard to make you feel better. Your friends and relatives visited you frequently, even four times a week, but you didn't know that. You felt like you were asleep. You were dreaming about your present life, about your friends, family, your firm, dog – with every little detail.

Even then you felt that your life was joyless, you always were waiting for a person to love, but you couldn't meet that woman. One day one thing has altered. You quitted seeing your former life and started seeing future life. In the first vision you met a stunning, thoughtful, skillful and kind woman – Miranda. She was 28 years old and she was a baker. You saw her in the restaurant, when she was buying a refreshing quencher. She was sitting near you, after few minutes you saw her trying to assist an elderly woman buy something.

You considered that really charming. You started conversating with her. She charmed you so you wanted to ask her on a date. She agreed and you were supposed to see each other in the same place the day after. Another date was even more wonderful that your first meeting. She told you about her life and you did the same. You met for a few more dates and after several months you were ready to ask her to marry you. She obviously said yes. Eventually the wedding day came and you were together in the church.

When the clergyman asked the biggest question, the beaming lighting came along. You said yes and you kissed your lady. Then, after struggling with death in sleeping sickness for pretty long time, you woke up. The first person you noticed was her. The girl from your dream. She was in the doctor's uniform. You thought you were still sleeping, but then you heard your mother weep and whispering 'Thank you doctor, for saving my son's life.' You didn't believe your eyes. The perfect woman was standing so close to you and she had no chance to know you.

She brought you back to life. After couple days you decided to chat with her. You decided not to tell her about your dream, just ask her out. She smiled, admitted she really liked spending time with you and said that she was forbidden to date patients. But she agreed to go get a coffee with you in several months. You knew that something extraordinary was going to happen to you both and you were going to see that you were right.

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