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After staring at each other for such a long time, you simply made up your mind to stay there. You wanted to spend some hours with that female, lying on the blankets and simply hugging... not really speaking to each other... apparently not talking at all. Maybe because none of you did have any words for the things just happened.

You and the chick seemed to have that blissful smile on your lovely cheeks... that was genuine fantasy… undoubtedly unique adventure for you. Unluckily, that was getting a bit darker and you needed to come back as you’re to reach home before late… you had rather a lot of journey ahead of you, however on your trip down to your bicycles, you just weren’t able to refrain from smiling… hugging and kissing... this looked like as if you and the chick were a perfect pair for each other and you knew that after knowing each other just several moments… unbelievable... illusion.

Then out of nowhere you found one more pool of water... also the largest one of all the previous ones... the water was truly clear and undeniably more pleasant than in some other pools you have tried to swim in. You could actually get a spontaneous break in the pool and you were unable to pass by... you ran into that pool and started kissing and hugging like several moments ago.

Then you finally walked to your bikes and make up your mind to head down the lane leisurely and though that day seemed to be unhurriedly finishing, the experience was very wonderful. You chose a different road to come home and soon that was time to say goodbye... but that was only a short term goodbye... you and the girl knew you are going to meet again, because you two used to live close to each other.. this seems like a great ending, but have you ever experienced an end like this one?

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