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You were going to meet up with your buddies for a drinks in your prized pub, in front of the park, which you incessantly visited with your mother when you were a baby. It was a beautiful, sunny day, what was unexpected because the whole week was rather pluvial. You were already belated, so you didn't hold back any second longer, you got out of your work although you had a huge project to edit by the end of the month.

You haven't been out with your friends for a month, so you were pretty happy. But that wasn't the only motive you couldn't wait to meet them. They told you they wanted to present you to the woman they have met on the furlough. They announced she was really fine, funny, smart, social and talented. The best girl! You were lonesome for so long, that you dismembered how it was to live with a woman, how it was to be happy, how it felt to be in love.

You decided to get a taxi to evade being late any more. But when you got into the cab someone else got into as well. You were positive it was a girl, but you haven't looked at her, you wasn't curious who was siting near you, you were too excited to meet the lady of your dreams. It was your happy day, so you had no objections when she asked you nicely if she could ride with you, because she was also rushing. in the course of the whole ride, she was buzzing quiet and gently the chansons you happened to like the most.

She had surprisingly nice voice. It looked like you were planning to go the same place, but you told the driver to stop near the florist's. You were sure that it would be a perfect idea to get some flowers for this ideal chick. You couldn't decide which flowers to choose. Every flower looked too hideous for this big meeting. Maybe it was the final day of your lonely and miserable existance? After twenty five minutes of getting the best bouquet you were prepared to meet her.

You went to the place where you were about to meet your mates and saw this good-looking, leggy woman, with long blonde hair, pretty black eyes and the nicest smile you've ever seen. You were positive you've never seen her before, because you would remember that. But you weren't right. She said few sentences to your buddy Sarah and they both laughed, but you didn't catch what it was.

Then you heard her speaking to you and you knew. That was the chick from the cab! You asked for forgiveness for being so weird in the taxi, you said you were really glad to meet her so you didn't care about things around you. When she said she got it and looked at you, you were positive you have found real happiness. You are waiting feel the same stuff?

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