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Later, you made some meals cause you didn’t enjoy eating at the restaurants. You often feel whether all that stuff have been unhealthy, undercooked or bad-prepared and this sometimes made you feel ill. You carried your sac towards a car and checked if you left your room blank, last thing you imagined was to have to tidy it as you’d come home. You got on your glasses and switch on a car. Even though you hadn’t started to run yet, you already wanted to get to the destination or come home, it has been that horribly fervently.

It took you some time to get off your hometown, cause most of the people were already driving to the office and there appeared to be a lot of traffic jams. You got up to the gas station to take some gas and take some water. While you entered the building you saw a astonishing girl waiting in a line. She had a beautiful medium blond hair and wonderful brown eyes. The lady put on jeans and white top and she was looking amazing in her costume. Some minutes later the girl noticed you too and smiled to you with that lady’s gorgeous smile.

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When she noticed you the girl smiled with the same beautiful smile she had in the shop and waved. Well, the girl has been waiting for you. You started to chat as if you were great mates. Not only was that chick that beautiful but moreover she has been so funny and nice. You decided to go for some tea as soon as you drove back from a trip. Have you ever dreamed of such history in your time? Or probably your lifetime is so dull that you don’t even believe that something like this is able to come?

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