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After the principal Martian

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After the principal Martian became hopelessly enamored, he started fabricating telescopes for all his sibling Martians. Quickly they all left their melancholies. They too started to feel love for the Venusians. They began to think about the Venusians as much as themselves.
The odd and delightful Venusians were a strange fascination in the Martians. Their disparities particularly pulled in the Martians. Where the Martians were hard, the Venusians were delicate. Where the Martians were precise, the Venusians were round. Where the Martians were cool, the Venusians were warm. In a mysterious and impeccable way their disparities appeared to supplement each other.
In an implicit dialect the Venusians conveyed noisy and clear: "We require you. Your energy and quality can bring us awesome satisfaction, filling a void profound inside our being. Together we could live in awesome satisfaction." This welcome persuaded and enabled the Martians.
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The Martians were exceptionally roused by the likelihood of having any kind of effect on Venus. The Martian race was moving to another level of advancement. They were no more fulfilled by simply substantiating themselves and building up their energy. They needed to utilize their energy and abilities in the administration of others, particularly in the administration of the Venusians. They were starting to build up another reasoning, a win/win rationality. They needed a world where everybody watched over themselves and additionally for others.