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Unexpected Bus Experience

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Though Esther always seemed to be really shy and quiet, she knew she was more than that. Her family and friends never thought that she could be crazy and spontaneous as she appeared to be in her work. She has been a London escort girl for nearly two years and she couldn’t be more in love with her job. What was her even bigger asset - considering her clients - she was developing her interest in other woman. Every time when she saw a really hot girl with amazing body, she couldn’t help getting wet. She was always looking for opportunity to have sex with more than one girl at once and she was picturing a man joining them all. She was an ideal call girl for a man who was seeking some excitement and adventures in his life - she was ready for everything that sounded even little weird, but still very sexy.

Esther was a real catch for every guy in London - she was a smoking hot, 20 year old girl with slim and supple body, she had perfectly shaped ass - kind of ass which made the men want to stick their dicks in it right away like a horn, her boobs was extremely big and her face looked like from the cover of the Vogue magazine. She knew what she was doing with the man’s body when he was coming to her. She had practiced for many years on the man that she was checking when she was searching for dangerous objects or drugs. That’s right, in the daylight Esther was a sexy policewoman. She wasn’t using her uniform only for her job in the police, but also for her second job in escort’s agency. She wasn’t surprised by being asked for wearing her policeman uniform during a rendezvous with her client - which man didn’t have hot erotic fantasies about having dirty sex with a woman in the uniform? It happened very often that when she was searching someone - usually that was a man who could become her potential client - she was doing it with such sensuality that she always felt a boner pushing on her hands. They sometimes felt a little embarrassed, but she softly whispered in their ears about her second job and that’s how she had some new clients the next day. She noticed that even most of the women that she was searching through blushed every time she touched their boobs or went down to their vaginas.

She knew that they were horny then, that’s why every time she was doing it with more passion. That was when the girls started to appear in the escort’s agency. She just loved diving into her vaginas with her head and giving them the best orals of their lives. The really surprising thing was that most of these women wasn’t really homosexual - just wanted to experience - as she heard - one of the amazing orals that could happen to them. And they never were disappointed. It was a really tough day for Esther, she had some dangerous criminals to catch and it was almost impossible thing to do. Obviously, nothing was impossible with Esther’s skills, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t exhausting. She called the agency and said she want a free evening and she decided to come back home by the bus.

She wasn’t expecting the things that happened later. When she walked into the bus it was almost empty on the first floor - as it was a double-decker bus - but she decided to go to the second floor. She noticed that the driver was extremely handsome - muscular arms, bony hips - the jock type with sexy facial hair and amazing cheek bones. She couldn’t help seeing that he was really attracted to her, as he blinked and showed her his hot smile. She went upstairs and noticed three girls sitting at the end of the bus. Each one of the girls was prettier than the other, they had beautiful faces, sexy asses and huge and perfectly shaped boobs. Esther was walking towards them to take a seat near the place when they were sitting. When she was standing in front of them, the bus suddenly stopped and she fell on the girls’ laps. They must have recognized her, because they said ‘Hi Esther, we heard a lot about you. We want to experience something new.’ Esther couldn’t feel more happy than then. She started kissing one of the girls very intense and suddenly she felt that her boobs was being squeezed by other girl.

She was surprised that the third girl wasn’t taking any action, but then she felt a warm and soft hand sliding down into her panties and gently rubbing the tip of her vulva. She couldn’t help moaning, but she was starting to do it louder and louder. She felt that she had to return the favor, so she went down on the floor and started zipping off the second girls pants. She dived into her wet shaved pussy and started licking the inside of her vagina. It was the first time she was having troubles to concentrate on doing that because of the huge amounts of pleasures received from the other girls. Suddenly she felt she was coming so she screamed very loudly. Her slippery and nimble tongue was penetrating every area of the girl’s vagina. Esther saw the girl coming, but she needed one more impulse to come and then she felt something she didn’t expected - she felt that her anal was being stuffed with the huge cock. She needed few moves of this surprising dick to come and then she turned around and saw a sexy bus driver behind her. He must have seen the girls from downstairs. “I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before” he said and bend her over backwards.

Esther noticed that the girls were busy with each other, trying the 69 position and licking each other off. She decided to focus on her sexy driver so she coiled her legs around him giving him an opportunity to put his whole huge dick into her. He was fucking her really hard and the thing that intensified her experience was that he stood up suddenly and stuck her even more. She screamed loudly and she could only think about that being the best orgasm she has ever had. Esther felt a big amount of hot cum in her vagina and felt that she wanted more. She ended their hot and dirty sex giving him an amazing oral, sucking his huge dick and licking his balls as he came for the second time. “Now I’m going to get you home and fuck properly, ok?” the driver said. Esther loved that idea and she wanted to continue making her fantasy come true, so she asked the girls to come with them. They agreed without hesitation.