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Very Wet Day

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You have never met a girl like Lisa in your entire life - that’s for sure. She was a gorgeous, beautiful, sexy blonde with long skinny legs, perfect apple-shaped ass and huge boobs. She wore sexy, tight clothes with very deep neckline and most of the time she wore very short skirts and no underwear - that way every time she bent over you could see her fancy shaved pussy. She was working at DIY store, she was a cashier there, but she often helped to pick some needed tings. But there was something that Lisa was doing better than her work in DIY store - she was an amazing London escort girl. She was very dedicated to both of those jobs, but that was obvious that she loved the sex part the most, so being a call girl always won.

She was made to give pleasure to other people, no matter if it was a woman or a man. She loved feeling cocks in her hands, mouth and vagina and feeling a soft, warm and wet cunt with her hand or tongue. She was ready for everything, she didn’t mind experiencing new things and trying new positions. Lisa was just perfect for the job. It was another day of work for Lisa, she started - as always - in DIY store, working six hours, then she was supposed to serve some clients. That day she wore one of those sexy skirts to work and very transparent panties, so she could show everything, as she liked. It was a pretty busy day for her in the store - she had to run inventory, then help a lot of clients, but she liked the job, so that wasn’t really a big deal for her.

She even didn’t mind men staring at her pussy and ass all the time, she liked it - in fact she was trying to be on the ladder as often as she could in order to make it easier for them to peak. She was sitting at the cashier’s desk dealing with some problems in computer when she saw an extremely handsome man walking into the store. He had a short blonde hair, sexy facial hair, perfect cheek bones, muscular body and he was very well-dressed. He had a pretty tight jeans, so Lisa could see his big cock and she couldn’t help being wet immediately. He looked pretty lost in the store, he was looking for something, but couldn’t find it. Lisa didn’t wait too long to go and see if she could help him. When she spoke to him, he turned around pretty angry but when he saw how gorgeous she was, he was speechless. He introduced himself as Brian and started a small talk. When he was looking at Lisa’s huge boobs, he had a boner.

Lisa saw it and she liked it very much, what was more - she decided to play with him for a while. He said he needed to buy a shower head for his shower. Lisa was very happy hearing that - she knew that shower heads were on the top shelves in the store. That meant that she could make him even hornier by showing him her pussy. She got a ladder and climbed up. Brian came closer and looked up, under Lisa’s skirt. She couldn’t help smiling when she saw that he was trying to hide his boner. She pretended to be busy looking for the proper shower head, while she was already holding it in her hand. Then, she felt something unexpected - she felt that her clitoris was being caressed gently by someone. She looked down and saw Brian smiling. “You thought that only you can shock with your perfectly smelling cunt and big boobs, huh?” he said. He also admitted that he was her new client and he came over to check if he has chosen wisely. She walked down the ladder while his hand was still in her and it was getting deeper and deeper and when she was on the last step she already came.

She wanted to return the favor, so she said him to try out the new shower head. He didn’t know what it meant, but he agreed. She took him to the nearest shower cabin, took off his shirt and unzipped his trousers. She saw a really big cock what made her wet, but she wanted to surprise him with something, so she took a shower head, turned on the water and put it into her cunt. The pressure from the water started making her more wet that she was, it was like she felt a finger tickling her from the inside. Brian started jerking off, but Lisa wanted to prevent it so she turned around and when her back was near Brian’s face, she grabbed his hips, moved him so close to her, that she felt his huge dick on her back and she it inside her anal. They both screamed with pleasure. Brian started moving back and front and to increase the pleasure, he picked her up a little.

While his dick was taking care of her anal, his big hands were moving from her boobs, squeezing them and rubbing the nipples to her cunt, massaging every part of inside and outside. When he was screaming “Yeah baby! I’m coming” Lisa got down on her knees and he finished in her mouth. That way she got him ready for the more action. She started licking his balls and sucking his huge penis. He took her head and he was pushing his cock deep into her throat. He came for the second time, but all he wanted then was to lick off her cunt. His tongue was caressing every part of her inside, tasting her amazing taste. When she came, he kissed her passionately and said “That was a very wet day, huh? See you tomorrow baby.” and she knew then, she did a really great job.