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It was the most remarkable lady you have never seen for the entire life. Every one of these women around, girls you has been observing each day have not been even a little similar to her. The way the girl has been moving, the benignant in the chick’s eyes, that chick’s astonishing medium brownish hair and small nose have been so unusual that you couldn’t get your eyes off the chick.

You realized in a moment that that was going to become an awesome daytime, even if that had set out that rotten. You had awoken too soon in the morning and couldn’t see anything outside the window, because it was a terrible fog. However you made a decision to go shopping and you spent several good hours waiting in queues. Then you strolled home. Then, to your surprise you spotted a wonderful lady observing you through opposite window.

The woman must have heard you looking for a dog but on the other hand the chick did not seem angry, so you possibly hadn’t woken her up. That female got outside her house and surprisingly your cool dog moved simply near the chick. The kitten apologized you and assured that she only moved in and thought that a animal got disoriented so the girl was going to help your dog.

Of course there was nothing to apologize for however that was an awesome way to commence a chat with a new neighbour. That girl has been so amazing and the simple thing you were able to do was to take the bunny for a tea. You probably find that story so impossible and you do not imagine that that is likely to happen.

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